Jewelry Picks for Fashionable Fall Layering

Jewelry Picks for Fashionable Fall Layering

Posted by Eva DeCosta on 3rd Sep 2021

Fall is almost here! Yes, I know it officially begins on September 22, but it “unofficially” begins on September 1st. Let’s be real, the kids go back to school and it’s fall.

Don't you all just love the crisp mornings and evenings?  This is when fashion is at its best. Creating new fresh “layered” looks is what fashion divas live for. Sometimes, we even create our outfits around our jewelry. Yes, many times it’s the shoes, but jewelry is up there on the list as well.

Here are my picks for “fall” jewelry. Top off your fall layered look with one of these pieces and you’re set to go!

Afternoon at the Louvre Necklace

This necklace is so elegant and classy. We feel it is a must for every jewelry collection. Measuring 38 inches, it also has a 3 inch extender attached making it easy to wrap around twice creating a bold bib style necklace. Wearing it long elongates your torso, always a good thing!. Either way you decide to wear this Genuine dyed red jade and topaz Austrian Crystals necklace, you will get noticed and surely be complemented.

Bonjour Genuine Onyx and Glass Bead Necklace

This is my favorite and it is oh so unique. This necklace was designed after a trip to Italy. Milan is the fashion place to be if you want to see all the new designs in clothing and jewelry. This necklace style was worn on all the Italian fashionistas on the runway shows and on the streets. Elegant and classy all wrapped up in one perfect necklace.

Untamed Art Necklace

Animal prints really never go out of style. In fact, some believe they are just basics worthy of every closet. If you're a little timid to wear animal prints but want to be the fashion icon of your group of friends, make your statement by wearing the trend on your jewelry. Here is a very conservative way to wear the trend. 

Coco Necklace

If you like the Boho Look, this necklace is for you. Hand crafted glass beads are wrapped with wire to create a unique pendant style. Necklace measures 21 inches and has a 4 inch extender making it easy to wear over thick sweaters in the colder months. It’s nice to mix up your look, so add a boho day to the mix. It’s fun!

The O’hara Estate Earrings

I just love these! You’ll feel like the brilliant, manipulative and devastatingly beautiful Miss Scarlet herself when you put on these ruby red earrings fit for any occasion you deem worthy. Timeless glamour and elegance come together perfectly with these earrings. Enjoy some glamour days, who says you can't get all dolled up just because?

Golden Arrow Necklace and Earrings Set

Feel like the fiercest of warriors when you don this dazzlingly detailed necklace and earring set. With their antique gold and striped graphic pattern, each one of these pointy charms adds some pizzaz to your look. Add to the mix the clear cubic zirconia for that added sparkle and you’ll have a look that knock’s ‘em off their feet.

Instant Chic Necklace

The name says it all, and black and silver is always classic and a “go to” when it comes to jewelry. This necklace is as versatile as it gets.  Worn with a jean or moto leather jacket, you get a "living on the edge" feel.  Wear it to work with a conservative outfit and it's all business.  

Whatever your style, have fun with it.  Shop your closet and create different outfits with the same pieces you already own.  Add some affordable fashion jewelry and enjoy the cooler months.  We would love to see your style photos, post pictures at #looklovemodel.  Your creations are always an inspiration to someone.

Remember ladies, it's always better to be overdressed than overlooked!